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        Explain to you what is the pu sole characteristics of casting machine

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        Over the years uphold the principle of customer first, carry forward the spirit of ingenuity, and continuously improve quality

        Wenzhou Tiangang machinery co., LTD

        Wenzhou Tiangang Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional shoe-making equipment manufacturer integrating design, manufacturing and sales. Mainly produce continuous injection sole foaming injection molding machine, single-color, two-color, three-color, four-color and mixed-color disc injection molding machine series, two-color disc injection molding machine series... READ MORE
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        A professional shoe-making equipment manufacturer integrating design, manufacturing and sales


        Fully automatic disc-type single-color footwear continuous injection molding machine

        Simple operation: simple/convenient/fast and easy to operate

        Factory direct sales: Eliminate intermediate links to maximize customer benefits

        Stable performance: precision quality, long service life, humanized design of each assembly part, simple installation, saving time and labor cost to the greatest extent,



        Automatic disc type single color plastic sole injection molding machine

        Common problems of pouring machine

        1. Don't understand what is the best pouring? This leads to incorrect evaluation and selection of pouring equipment.

        2. The vertical parting boxless molding line is used, but the wrong choice of replenishing molten iron needs to stop production or low efficiency pouring machine.

        3. The vertical parting molding line is used, but the horizontal parting molding line pouring machine is wrongly selected.


        Melt blown cloth equipment

        Melt blown cloth equipment

        The production line of melt blown cloth receiver is composed of the following parts:

        1. Screw extruder: melt the slices.

        2. Metering pump: Control the output and the fineness of the fiber to continuously deliver the melt to the spinneret.

        3. Melt filter: filter the impurities in the melt.


        Industry Application

        Finished case

        The product manufacturing process is unique, the quality is stable and reliable, and it has a good reputation in the shoe industry. It is a supporting supplier for many shoe factories and shoe material factories, and the company has rich experience.

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        If you have any questions, suggestions and products you want to know, you can contact us at any time. Looking forward to your consultation?






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